What is the process when buying solar for my home?

Firstly, we are not pushy salespeople. We engage with you to QUOTE & EXPLAIN in order to help you to understand your options. We will inspect a number of things including power boards, roof type, roof pitch, roof access, meters, distances between likely panel and inverter locations, shadow etc. We will then answer any and all questions you have and we will also take the time to explain all of […]

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How do the rebates work?

There are a number of incentives in play today. And they vary by state and by type of system (residential or commercial) and by system size. All systems below 100KW (about 300 panels) attract a Federal Government incentive scheme, called Small Technology Certificates (commonly referred to as STC’s). This incentive, equating to roughly around 30% of the cost and increasing as a % the further North you live in Australia, […]

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How much can I save?

We know nobody loves these 2 words but…it depends! On quite a few variables, actually. We train our people to help our customers to understand their REALISTIC likely outcomes, and no 2 situations are the same. But we can give you a good insight into the typical outcome right now. Naturally one of the key variables is how much roof we have to work with. So let’s assume we have […]

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